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In the old days the inhabitants of the Amalfi Coast used to go from one town to another only on foot, or riding horses or donkeys. To do this they used the paths and trails that go through the mountains from town to town. These trails are still there of course and still offer a great way to experience the Amalfi Coast to everyone who likes hiking. The best hikes are the one from Amalfi to Atrani by the stairs (duration: short, level: easy), or from Amalfi to Pontone and the Ferriere Valley (duration: medium, level: medium), the hike from Atrani-Amalfi to Ravello (duration: medium, level: medium), and the "Walk Of The Gods" from Agerola to Praiano-Positano (duration: long, level: hard). We gathered two maps here, to help you along the trails of the Amalfi coast. Enjoy, and remember the basic rules: never go on a hike alone, always bring a charged mobile phone with at least one local emergency number, bring a basic first aid kit if you can, and always walk, never run.

Download the Amalfi Coast hiking map by CAI (Club Alpino Italiano) >
Download the Amalfi Coast hiking map by Pro Loco Agerola >

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